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Workshop 3: Advanced Queries and Mastering SAP Crystal Reports

SAP Business One has some amazing capabilities to make your data work harder for you. But are you taking advantage of all the tools you have at your disposal? Do you know how to configure reports to get just the right information that you and your team are looking for?

In this workshop, you’ll take a deep dive into understanding and creating complex queries that can give your organization a better grasp on core business performance metrics. We’ll start with some of the basics like table relationships and commonly used tables in SAP reporting. From there, we’ll start to look at the more advanced functions like SQL views, stored procedure, and SQL commands.

With your own laptop and a practice instance of SAP Business One, you’ll be able to manipulate a sample set of data and really learn how to use various SQL functions that everyone should be aware of, but many organizations aren’t. We’ll wrap up by teaching you some template reports like sales YTD and landed cost analysis that you can take home with you and immediately see the benefits of mastering queries and reporting for yourself.

*Post-conference workshops are optional and an additional cost of $299. Buy tickets here to reserve your spot today.

  • Cesar Aviles
    Practice Manager, Clients First Business Solutions