Key Takeaways from the SAP Business One User Conference | Biz.ONE 2018

The Biz.ONE 2018 conference is complete, and we’re excited to share some of the most valuable takeaways from this year’s conference. From the keynote stage to the evening receptions with networking over delicious food, people were learning from each other and taking steps to better themselves and their businesses.

What Is Biz.ONE?

This is the conference for SAP Business One users to learn, find solutions, and make connections. While here, attendees find new ways to leverage their technology, source key vendors to unlock functionality that will improve their businesses and hear directly from SAP on what’s coming next.

What Was Featured at Biz.ONE 2018?

  • World-class speakers
  • Popular SAP Business One topics
  • Networking and mentorships
  • Add-ons and solution basedvendors

World-Class Speakers

We were lucky to host Jannell MacAulay, Ph. D., a retired U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel who made non-believers think twice about mindfulness and leadership. Her keynote session at the end of day-1 was full of leadership prowess including quotes like “If we don’t step out of comfort zone, we will never reach our potential and we can’t help our teams reach theirs.”

In addition, Drew Bates of the SMB Innovation Lab at SAP, gave us a live facial recognition demo from the main-stage. It went off without hitch, but it did identify him as a female, which made the crowd laugh with amusement. In an interview after the fact Drew said, “That’s just part of the fun. We’re not afraid to get things wrong.” He went on to say that the futuristic ideas and the sprints he works on are where he really wants to make progress.  In the future, facial recognition technology will be better, and that won’t be an issue. Hear more from Drew about his experience at Biz.ONE in a one-on-one interview.

Popular SAP Business One Topics

It was exciting and meaningful to see users scribbling down notes and asking questions to speakers about the nitty-gritty parts of SAP Business One. On day one we sat in Idit Saguey’s session where she walked through new features in GDPR, production, project management, return merchandise authorization (RMA), and more. In a session that hosted nearly 200 individuals, Idit took the audience through a hands-on journey of some of the newest features inside SAP Business One and supplemented it with commentary around how and why they’ve developed the platform.

Outside of the SAP Business One road-map we saw tremendous feedback and excitement around a session on how to tackle sales tax and online businesses. The session was a staple for how to navigate the ever-changing world of taxation and technology. Read the abstract from this session.

Networking and Mentorships

There were several moments where networking took the front seat and conference attendees mingled openly. At any time during the evening receptions, you might have found yourself chatting with an SAP executive, an add-on provider doing something unique or a fellow user working on a project in their space. In almost all scenarios, we heard wonderful things and saw real outcomes forming from the conversations had here. If you’re looking to find someone’s contact information, or want to reconnect, let us know and we’ll get you in touch. Don’t wait until next year, to seek out information that you can discover today!

Add-Ons and Solution-Based Vendors

It was a pleasure to see attendees talking shop and making connections on the exhibition floor. We setup the event to give both users and sponsors a way to work together. With over 45 sponsors, the floor had something for everyone looking to make their business better with the help of a 3rd party solution. This year we saw the most growth in the automation category and saw 15 sponsors that were offering services in the space. To see the full list of solutions at Biz.ONE checkout our Add-on Marketplace.

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