The State of SAP Business One Customers

In preparation for the 2020 ASUG Best Practices: SAP Business One virtual conference, the ASUG research team uncovered the networks pain points, day-to-day challenges, and trends. By having one-on-one conversations with organizations, thought leaders, and stakeholders, we identified the following areas of focus that are top of mind for professionals using SAP Business One.

These insights helped us develop a virtual conference agenda specific to the SAP Business One network. Complete the form below to download the complete research report, and learn more about SAP Business One insights here.

2020 Hot Topics:

Managing the Transition to a Digital Business
SAP Business One users are committed to digital, but that doesn’t mean their customers and employees are ready or willing to adopt new technologies. This poses a significant barrier for businesses that want to become more digital to gain a competitive advantage while eliminating inefficiency and human error.

Processes That Need Streamlining or Automating
Because SAP Business One customers must do more with less, discovering an automation process is essential. Because SAP Business One users have fewer resources to purchase or maintain enterprise technology products, they need to be able to get the most out of every dollar in their technology budgets.

Better Business Intelligence
SAP Business One customers want to connect more departments in their business to the ERP system to generate better analytics without heavy human intervention. But factors like choosing the right solution, encouraging user adoption, and staff keeping pace with new developments can hinder their ability to stay up to date.

Strong Security with Less Pain
Controls today can be overly complicated for users that have to wear many hats across their organizations. Minimizing complex issues with integrations and business intelligence is essential for security success.

Warehouse and Supply Chain Management
To help warehousing and the supply chain function execute efficiently and drive future innovation, it’s critical to break down silos through streamlined communication and collaboration. SAP Business One users who emphasize supply chain transparency are significantly more likely to self-identify as supply chain leaders, underscoring the need to get this right.


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