Our Research: Your Blueprint for Leveraging the Power of SAP Business One

The blueprint: the design, an outline, your road to improving and innovating. SAP Business One users are being empowered to make strides to move their businesses to the next level, but there are hurdles. We hear, from your peers, that you’re running into a few roadblocks when it comes to things like inventory management, roadmaps, & support (just to name a few) – and that is completely fine. It’s normal to have questions and right now, you’re in a great position to get them answered.

We recently completed a series of round table discussions to get in tune with these roadblocks and questions. What we found is not only relevant for you as a user, but integral in your pursuit for leveraging the true power your software. By working with over 50 organizations and spending more than 265 hours deep in trench-level conversations, we have uncovered 8 areas that make up our blueprint for leveraging the power of SAP Business One.

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