Eventful Conferences has spent 20 years building professional learning communities for organizations using SAP across industries and lines of business. We have applied our tried, tested and celebrated model to Biz.ONE to elevate this conference to the next level.

This report details the results of five months of research with 100+ Business One customers from small and medium businesses across North America. Culminating in focus groups in Anaheim and Fort Lauderdale, this in-depth, high-touch research process has uncovered the top pains and challenges that Business One users experience. The descriptions and summaries that follow will serve as the blueprint for the Biz.ONE conference taking place in Anaheim, California on October 23-25, 2017.

Benchmark your organization’s pains and challenges by checking out the topics numbered below for the five high-level themes we uncovered during our research. Be sure to download the complete report (fill out the form to the right) for the full, in-depth findings on areas such as:

Finance & Accounting
Sales & Marketing
Manufacturing & Operations

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  • Solutions & Transparency

    Business One users want to have all the information they can before making important decisions and investments in new technology solutions. There are unique advantages and challenges inherent in the tight relationship between users and VARs/SSPs, particularly as it pertains to add-on solutions for specific business challenges. Users are eager to learn from multiple sources about the best ways to solve their problems.

    • Creating greater transparency in the hunt for the best solutions from SAP, SSPs and VARs
    • What documentation exists to help me compare solutions, even those not supported by my VAR
    • Establishing networks and connections among other peer users to compare experiences
  • Integration

    Organizations choose Business One as their ERP because of its robust capabilities, primary of which is integrating systems, processes, and data into a single source of truth across the business. Some organizations, though, still struggle with aspects of integration such as getting their add-ons to communicate with both other add-ons and the core functions of Business One. By creating efficient flows of information between systems, users gain a better advantage through Business One. Some organizations want to know more about:

    • Continuous improvement around integrating add-ons
    • What sort of training can my teams get to improve the integration process
    • What is available from my VAR and SSPs to support my systems post integration
  • Reporting & Analytics

    Business One offers incredible potential for deriving intelligence and insight from organizational data, in addition to the most basic uses for reporting. However, some organizations claimed they still face difficult in running complex reports and want to learn how to improve this process.

    • Improved functionality in reporting and analytics to spot trends and drive agility
    • What sort of changes will HANA bring to reporting and speed/efficiency
    • Where can I get the best training on getting more out of my reports
  • Visibility & Versions

    While knowing the roadmap for future aspects of Business One doesn’t affect the day to day operations of most users, there is significant value in understanding where and when new features will be added for the long-term strategy of a business. Users want to hear from SAP about the plan for changes to business one, how new technology will alter the landscape, and what kind of support they can expect over the next months and years regarding their investment in Business One.

    • Having better visibility into the new features coming in future patches and versions
    • Understanding the impact of HANA and what an upgrade path looks like
    • Adopting the right technology to meet business needs
  • Feedback & Support

    Users are eager to develop their support connections with SAP, with SSPs, and with their VARs. Most importantly, they want to have a direct method of communicating with SAP that operates both ways – hearing from SAP and giving feedback on Business One directly to SAP.

    • Establishing a two-way channel for feedback directly to SAP
    • Maximizing my relationship with my VAR
    • Developing networks with my peers and maintaining contact year-round

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