What to Expect from Biz.ONE


It’s year two and we are ready for Biz.ONE to be everything that you expect and more – a conference, a community and a place where you can look for solutions and answers with your instance of SAP Business One. That’s a whole lot of fluff that doesn’t mean much until you see exactly how we make these things a reality.


At Eventful Conferences, we use a tried and tested method to create outstanding conferences. The experience is unlike any other because we focus on making each interaction a unique and fulfilling one where attendees feel like they garner something of value that will help them in the future. We give people the platform to network through interactive sessions that often feature delicious dining options. Time and time again, people have come to us to say “your conference is the best that I’ve ever attended.” That was evident in our 2017 Biz.ONE post conference survey where attendees gave the overall experience a 4.46 out of 5.

Watch last year’s recap video to learn more about the experience.


There have been lots programs calling themselves “a community.” There are no shortage of them when you google SAP Business One community. But, we are a traditional community in that we bring people face to face. We facilitate connections that make sense based on the needs of the attendee. “Are you a manufacturing company that needs and inventory management solutions for small businesses?” We would respond with “well you’ll want to meet xyz from this manufacturing company featuring this vendor, they’ve been there and they can give you their story.” At Eventful we think that this is the true value of community and with over 500 attendees in 2017, we do our best to facilitate this type of interaction often.


Sometimes you don’t uncover a solution, just better questions. Coming to a place like Biz.ONE, you’ll find yourself learning what questions need to be asked. There are product developers, end users, vendors, and futurists all bringing perspective to the table. With the insights and experience that they share, you’ll be able to cross off some old questions and make better ones. Better questions lead to being more prepared, and being more prepared gives you the ability to evaluate and find the right solutions and answers for your business. To get a more in depth look at what this years topics will be, take a look at our research report.

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