The Challenge of Integrating within an ERP system

startup-photosIn our first blog post, we discussed a five-month research project into the pains and obstacles that Business One users face. Out of those interviews, phone calls, and focus groups we distilled five high-level challenges that encompass most of those obstacles:

1. Solutions & Transparency
2. Integration
3. Reporting & Analytics
4. Visibility & Versions
5. Feedback & Support

Challenge #1 focused on having information about the solutions that exist for the wide array of problems that Business One users encounter. In this post, let’s take a closer look at Challenge #2: Integration.

One of the primary reasons businesses choose an ERP system like Business One is because of the seamless integration between functions and modules that connects the different areas of their business to a single source of truth. Of course, though, every business has unique needs and requirements. This often means high levels of customization and a host of add-ons to give them the functionality they need. Making these add-ons communicate with one another and with the core system is a significant challenge but, when done right, it leads to better business practices and outcomes.

In our research, we heard time and again that users struggle to make their add-ons communicate with both other add-ons and the core functions of Business One. By creating efficient flows of information between systems, users gain a better advantage through Business One.

Some of the top concerns raised by users were:

  • How to drive continuous improvement around integrating add-ons
  • What training is available for teams to improve the integration process

What post-integration support is available from VARs and SSPs

At Biz.ONE you can expect to learn exactly what you need to achieve better integration and efficiency in your systems. Join us in Anaheim, October 23-25 for trainings from experts, case studies from partners, and best practices from your peers – all in an environment built from the ground up for Business One users like you.

See you there!

Producer – Biz.ONE