Why Reporting has Become One of the Top Business One Users’ Gripes

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In the last blog post, Erick Randolph, our Conference Producer, discussed the second biggest challenge Business One Users face – Integration. We heard time and again that users struggle to make their add-ons communicate with both other add-ons and the core functions of Business One. By creating efficient flows of information between systems, users gain a better advantage through Business One.

In this post, let’s take a closer look at the third Challenge, which focuses on Reporting and Analytics. We learned very quickly during our research that Reporting sits at the very top of pains/issues for many companies. Business One offers incredible potential for deriving intelligence and insight from organizational data in addition to the most basic uses for reporting.

However, organizations struggle with extracting complex data in a usable report. Without the ability to pinpoint patterns, deficiencies, or successes, there is no way for a company to optimize their future endeavors. The unwanted result of this issue ends with creating in-house, time-consuming reports created by individuals without the necessary reporting backgrounds. And even then, the analysis does not provide in-depth information that data could undoubtedly provide with the correct tools. Only when a company fully embraces their Business One capabilities and employs the proper training an organization can properly analyze the data, thus improving their business processes and generating higher sales.

Top Concerns of Reporting & Analytics:

  • Running Crystal reports takes up a substantial amount of time
  • Multiple line-items cause exponential bottlenecks that serve as the primary reports businesses run
  • Confusion surrounding the impact of changes resulting from HANA or new versions

Rest assure, we are hard at work to find stories and case studies that will directly address these reporting frustrations. Biz.ONE will be the premiere conference where you can learn insightful education and tactics to enhance your organization’s reporting and analytics. Join us in Anaheim, October 23-25 for trainings from experts, real-life scenarios from industry users, and best practices from your peers – all in an environment built from the ground up for Business One users like you.

See you there!

Conference Producer – Biz.ONE