Did Biz.ONE help you improve?

Biz.ONE is a conference for SAP Business One users, that much is clear. But, what will you take home and will Biz.ONE actually help you improve? We set out to find these answers and to do that we talked to several past attendees to get their take.

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Hot-Topic Breakdown: Inventory Management

This article was written by Idit Saguey, Product Expert at SAP. It serves as a fictional example to help users breakdown the questions posed inside of the research report hot-topic, inventory management. If you haven’t read the Biz.ONE Research Report yet, you’ll want to give that a quick skim to provide context.

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Any old hotel will do, right?

On the surface, finding a venue doesn’t seem like such a big deal. But, when you walk into a space with the eyes of an Event Manager, you see things differently. Our events team does the special job of finding the best locations to host Biz.ONE. From Anaheim last year, to Orlando this year. We are ready to enjoy and share Orlando’s #1 resort (2017) with you.

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Meet Mike! Biz.ONE Community Director

Introducing Mike Hamm, the Community Director for Biz.ONE. Over the past few years Mike has worked for a technology firm where he spent his time developing an excitement for all things technology and worked directly with servers, cabling, and most things behind the server room door while maintaining strong relationships with customers. Recently, he switched to the conference side, where he is able to bring his technology passion and relationship building expertise to the table and he’s excited to help companies running SAP Business One.

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3 New Things to Look for in the 2018 Research Report

3 Things to Look for in the Biz.ONE Research Report

Our research is live and this time around we’ve spent over 260 hours talking SAP Business One with people using the software. But, hosting focus groups, interviews, phone calls, or conversations over coffee means a lot more when you can connect the dots between them to make something new and special.

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What to Expect from Biz.ONE


It’s year two and we are ready for Biz.ONE to be everything that you expect and more – a conference, a community and a place where you can look for solutions and answers with your instance of SAP Business One. That’s a whole lot of fluff that doesn’t mean much until you see exactly how we make these things a reality.

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What exactly are the top needs and concerns of the SAP Business One user community?

What exactly are the top needs and concerns of SAP Business One users?

That’s the question we set out to answer last year when we interviewed over 100 SAP Business One users, experts, and thought leaders to distill their thoughts into our 2017 Research Report. That report served as the backbone of Biz.ONE – the only user conference for SAP Business One users and a platform for sharing, networking, and learning.

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