SAP Business One Helps Fuel Gaumard Scientific’s Growth

Gaumard Scientific is a manufacturer, but its products are much more sophisticated than the average company’s. It produces a line of human simulators used to train today’s health care professionals to respond to real-world medical issues in a safe learning environment. These ultra-realistic simulators represent patients at all ages and integrate electronics that simulate vital signs and more. As demand for their products is increasing, Gaumard Scientific is searching for greater efficiencies—particularly among its sales and service teams.

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Why a Brewery with a Mission Depends on SAP Business One

The founders of Saltwater Brewery in Delray Beach, Fla., grew up fishing, swimming, and surfing in the ocean, so they wanted to make their love for the water a central part of their business. In 2013, the brewery opened its doors to offer ocean-themed beers like Screamin’ Reels IPA and Sea Cow Milk Stout. SAP ERP helps the brewery run its day-to-day operations while keeping its commitment to choices that help preserve the health of the ocean.

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Key Takeaways from the SAP Business One User Conference | Biz.ONE 2018

The Biz.ONE 2018 conference is complete, and we’re excited to share some of the most valuable takeaways from this year’s conference. From the keynote stage to the evening receptions with networking over delicious food, people were learning from each other and taking steps to better themselves and their businesses.

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Did Biz.ONE help you improve?

Biz.ONE is a conference for SAP Business One users, that much is clear. But, what will you take home and will Biz.ONE actually help you improve? We set out to find these answers and to do that we talked to several past attendees to get their take.

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Hot-Topic Breakdown: Inventory Management

This article was written by Idit Saguey, Product Expert at SAP. It serves as a fictional example to help users breakdown the questions posed inside of the research report hot-topic, inventory management. If you haven’t read the Biz.ONE Research Report yet, you’ll want to give that a quick skim to provide context.

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Any old hotel will do, right?

On the surface, finding a venue doesn’t seem like such a big deal. But, when you walk into a space with the eyes of an Event Manager, you see things differently. Our events team does the special job of finding the best locations to host Biz.ONE. From Anaheim last year, to Orlando this year. We are ready to enjoy and share Orlando’s #1 resort (2017) with you.

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