Business One Users: You’ve got Questions, We’ve got Experts




Eventful Conferences is proud to introduce a Business One Industry Expert and ERP Cloud Evangelist, Richard Duffy as our very own Guest Blogger! Richard worked with SAP for 14 years, and he’s also a respected thought leader within the business software space. Before this, he spent 15 years running his own company which supported SMB ERP and IT solutions from networks through database application development.

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Why Reporting has Become One of the Top Business One Users’ Gripes

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In the last blog post, Erick Randolph, our Conference Producer, discussed the second biggest challenge Business One Users face – Integration. We heard time and again that users struggle to make their add-ons communicate with both other add-ons and the core functions of Business One. By creating efficient flows of information between systems, users gain a better advantage through Business One.

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The Challenge of Integrating within an ERP system

startup-photosIn our first blog post, we discussed a five-month research project into the pains and obstacles that Business One users face. Out of those interviews, phone calls, and focus groups we distilled five high-level challenges that encompass most of those obstacles:

1. Solutions & Transparency
2. Integration
3. Reporting & Analytics
4. Visibility & Versions
5. Feedback & Support

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Welcome to Biz.ONE!

welcome2-414x359Welcome to Biz.ONE! As the new stewards of the reimagined and reinvigorated Biz.ONE (formerly the ASUG SAP Business One Conference) we’re thrilled to dive into this community and together, build the essential Business One user event.

We’ve spent months deeply engaged with 100+ customers, partners, and stakeholders in the Business One space to discover their pains and obstacles as well as to hear their issues and concerns. Our goal was to give voice to the most critical challenges that customers face – all to help grow this conference and make it bigger and better than ever!

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